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One Button MagPole

One Button MagPole

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Extension pole. Extends from 4'6" to 8'.

The One Button Pole is a sturdy 2 section, 1 push-button telescopic extension pole with a fiberglass handle. The end tip has the Acme thread to fit into the MagMovers.

It closes to 4’6”/1.4m and opens to 8ft/2.4m. Using the reach of the body, the fully extended One Button Pole can meet the metal on ceilings with a height of 13’/3.96m.

The One Button Pole is used to extend the reach of a person. With a Sliding MagMover 24” PRO attached, the extended One Button Pole makes it easy to attach and remove ClikMagnet (+ display) to/from low ceilings, while standing on the floor.

Weight with shipping tube: (2.25 lb/1.02 kg).


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