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Multi MagMover 24"

Multi MagMover 24"

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Lift and remove magnet from ceiling. For items with up to 8 attachment points.

The Multi MagMover 24” is used to hold up to 8 ClikMagnets (+ display) while being lifted to the metal on the ceiling and to safely retrieve them (+ display).

The Multi MagMover 24” has the standard Acme thread for attachment to the MagPole or most other threaded poles for installation/retrieval of displays with up to 8 attachment points, at great heights...while standing on the floor.

The Multi MagMover 24” is usually used for the installation/retrieval of soft, flexible material - curtains, decorative swags.

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  • Has 8 MagMover ‘posts’. 7 posts have a corkscrew. The 9th post has a Copper-Drop-Down-Hook.
  • The posts are spaced approximately 3.25”/8.26 cm apart (center to center).
  • Made of sturdy aluminium
  • Threaded handle fits most ACME threaded poles
  • Light weight
  • Patented
  • Re-usable -over and over again
  • Installation of ClikMagnets (+ display) to any position in a 360 degree radius (metal being present).

    Weight per bag: (1.36 lb/.62 kg)


    How to - Install Video

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