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Stick-n-Clik (20 pack) for ceiling with no metal

Stick-n-Clik (20 pack) for ceiling with no metal

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Sticky metal for smooth surfaces. Ceiling with no metal? No Problem.

What is a Stick-n-Clik? A rectangular piece of powder coated ferrous metal (white) with 3M VHB PERMANENT adhesive on the other side. Designed to stick to smooth and painted ceilings or window frames, to create locations for hanging displays with ClikMagnets. 

Where to use a Stick-n-Clik? The adhesive will stick to most smooth, clean, painted surfaces including metal and plastic.

Contains: Bag of 20 Stick-n-Clik

Size of a Stick-n-Clik: (19mm/.75" x 57mm/2.25")

Weight of product: .34lbs/.15kg.

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