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Super ClikMagnets (10 pack) Black or White - Holds 10lbs

Super ClikMagnets (10 pack) Black or White - Holds 10lbs

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Ceiling Magnet. Holds up to 10lbs/4kg (per magnet)

These neodymium ClikMagnets with two center rings, “clik” to any metal that contains iron. They are ideal for attaching to the T-bars of most suspended ceilings, and to industrial ceilings.

Black color are for dark colored ceilings. White color are for light colored ceilings.

  • Plastic coated - no damage to ceilings.
  • Re-usable – can be used over and over again.
  • Magnetic attraction is maintained over time.
  • Removable from metal with a mechanical force.

Magnet Dimensions: 2 3/10″ x 4/5″ x 3/5″
Weight/bag: (.48 lb/.22 kg)

    Black Item #95288 White Item #95277

    Important Factors

    Three factors determine any magnet’s strength.

    • Amount of iron in the metal.
    • Direction of pull.
    • Amount of paint, dirt or bumps etc. on the metal.

    Note: It is always a good idea to test the metal in advance of hanging a display.

    How to Choose the ClikMagnet for your Project:

    Choose by:

    1. Weight of the display to be hung.
    2. Color of the ceiling.

    Safety Warning

    • Caution: STRONG MAGNETS. Handle with care to avoid injury.
    • Keep all magnets away from credit cards, video tapes, computers and other electronic devices!
    • The Clik-Clik system is not recommended for use with S-hooks, as items may fall during takedown.
    • Do not swallow magnets.


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